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Brent Blackwell’s 2008 Season Preview

After a decade and a half of owning the NL East, spending two years watching playoff baseball on TV has seemed like an eternity for Braves fans.  While the most current edition is no lock to return to past glory, it does appear to be Atlanta’s best team since the 2005 squad that last reached […]

The Debate: Smoltz vs. Glavine

So Chipperboy and I were talking the other day about the Braves. I made the comment that Smoltz was the 2nd best pitcher behind Maddux. He took offense to the comment and we started to argue. We stopped arguing and decided that we will continue this on the blog. I agreed to post my argument […]

Trade Deadline Preview

The July 31st, trading deadline is rapidly approaching. With the Braves continuing to fall further and further back of the NL East leading Mets, the Braves will be sellers for the first time in a while. But what parts do the Braves have that they can sell and what can they get for those parts? […]

Jeff Francoeur’s Offensive Struggles

After an impressive 2007 that saw much improvement in plate discipline, it seemed that Jeff Francoeur was poised to take the logical next step forward in 2008.  As of June 9, he is batting .253/.303/.415.  Atlanta fans are clearly still waiting for that step forward.  So what happened?  There’s a fine line between a flawed […]

Smoltz done for the season; possibly career.

It was announced today that John Smoltz will have season ending surgery on his shoulder on Tuesday. The only question left is whether he will be able to come back in pitch in 2009. If he is unable to then John it has been one hell of a career. If he is able to come […]

Paging Frank Wren

It’s not all your fault. Unlike the flabbergasted Bill Bavasi in Seattle, you actually built a pretty good team this offseason. Many pieces were in place, but you had to know that while strong, the team was built on a shaky, 40 year old foundation. Surely you have a backup plan in place, right? If […]

Buy or Sell?

The Atlanta Braves are in a tough situation.  They’re 6 games under .500 and dealing with injuries across the board.  Several stars the team was depending on are underperforming and there’s no fire in this team’s belly. But on the other hand, the Braves are only 6 games away from 1st place and only 8 […]

My Thoughts on the Peavy Ordeal

I’m not dead. Not yet, at least. Life has been extraordinarily busy and I’ve been really bad about writing (guess which work I’m not doing so I can do this post!), but I just wanted to express my thoughts and rant about the Peavy ‘trade’. The whole ordeal has, more or less, been a fiasco. […]

The End? Or The Beginning?

John Smoltz is no longer a Brave. Words that any Atlanta fan never thought they would hear as long as they lived. The only time that kind of sentence would be appropriate would be John’s retirement announcement. But, we aren’t going to get that fitting ending. No, a certain team from Boston will get to […]

Game 156

It really is a shame the Braves waited till this late to make their playoff push. If we had just been a little closer, taken a few more games from the Mets those last 2 series, we would be making a very exciting finish. As it stands, all we have to celebrate is the return […]