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Chinese Mole Reading?

Chinese mole readings go back as far as ancient China. Depending on where the mole is located and what the mole looks like will depend on the outcome of the mole reading. If the mole is on the eyelid, it could mean that you have family conflicts. If the mole is located in the eyebrow […]

How Many Muscles Are in a Chicken Wing?

A chicken wing has three muscles in their wing. A chickens anatomy is much like a humans. They have a bicep, a triceps and a radial. Reference: Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic What is the role of muscle in a chicken wing? when dissecting a chickens wing the […]

Chest bumps?

Chest bumps are rashes that develop on your chest. The rash also known as dermatitis may be caused by stress and anger. In other instances, chest bumps could be symptoms of a serious condition, especially when accompanied by fever. Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic What is a bump in your […]

Chia Seeds Side Effects?

Chia seeds have become a popular dietary supplement. The problem with Chia seeds is that they do have some adverse side effects. Some Chia seeds side effects are said to raise the risk of prostate cancer. This side effect was a study done in the Netherlands. The American Dietetic Association claims the Chia seeds are […]

What Causes Chest Pain When Taking Deep Breaths or Lying down?

There could be several reasons why someone would experience chest pain when taking deep breaths or while lying down. A person could have a cracked rib or a bruised lung. They might be suffering from some type of severe indigestion. Since there are so many things that can cause chest pain, the best course of […]

How to Prepare Herbal Home Remedies for Chest Congestion?

Some of the home made remedies for chest congestions are mixing ginger with black pepper and drinking the mixture and rubbing eucalyptus oil on the chest so as to decongest it. To prepare herbal home remedies for chest congestion, first, add a tablespoon of extorted ginger root juice to half a tablespoon honey. Next, put […]

What Happens If You Inhale Toxic Chemical Fumes?

If you inhale a lot of toxic chemical fumes you will likely want to call poison control. They will be able to tell you whether you should go in to a hospital or if you should simply drink water or some other fluids. You want to make sure you tell poison control because this could […]

Chemical Composition of Cerebrospinal Fluid?

The chemical composition of cerebrospinal fluid is fairly simple. It has sodium, potassium, and chloride in it. It also contains magnesium, iron, sugar, albumin, phosphorous, lactate, urea, CO2, and both red and white blood cells. Reference: Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic What is the chemical composition of cerebrospinal […]

Chemical Reactions in the Human Body?

There are millions of chemical reactions in the human body. There are chemical reactions in our bodies that cause hair to grow and injuries to heal. Metabolism is a chemical reaction that allows the body to release usable energy. Reference: Source: health guide hq Photo Credit link More info about this topic What are […]

Danish Pastry 101

A light, sweet, flaky dough, with a variety of fillings, both sweet and salty, makes a sinfully delicious dessert or for breakfast, as a pick me up. Basic ingredients used are milk, yeast, eggs and butter. Even though the die hard baker would frown at the use of margarine as a substitute, I have used […]