About Sunless & Indoor Tanning Products

Flavours Sunless Spray Tan is an advanced ultra-dark sunless airbrush spray. Designed for an instant and natural-looking tan that dries in seconds, deepens in hours, and all without the damage from the sun and ultra violet rays.

Recognizing the importance of sunless spray in today’s tanning market, Flavours has invested extensive research and development in order to create the perfect tanning recipe. The end result is an exclusive and special blend of ingredients to form our Real TanĀ© sunless tan technology.

Using the highest levels of DHA blended with optimized bronzers, the result is a deep, lasting, and natural tan. The spray easily applies in a quick-drying and even mist, never feeling sticky or tacky. Your tan will deepen and develop in hours, providing you with beautiful color for a long-lasting 7-10 days before fading naturally.

DHA or Dihydroxyacetone is the main active ingredient in sunless tanning. DHA works with the outer layer of your epidermis, affecting the melanin to develop a beautiful brown tan. Used in the beauty industry for 30 years, DHA is a trusted and safe alternative to traditional tanning techniques.

In addition to its superior color characteristics, Flavours spray tan was designed to include wonderful skin care properties. Utilizing a special blend of natural oils, these moisturizers pamper your skin while allowing color penetration and a vibrant glow. Our new Lipocare Complex is also included- a skin-firming discovery that tightens and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

With an alluring fragrance and attractive packaging, tanners will enjoy the generous 4-5 uses per can, as a perfect match touch-up to a professional spray tan session, or an instant full body tan in the convenience of their own home or while traveling on vacation.

Benefits include: No mess, no rubbing, no streaking, no spotting, no messy hands, no contamination, and overall simplicity of use.

Flavours Sunless Airbrush spray is designed to create a fine mist for perfect, even application, but should uneven or unwanted color occur Flavours has designed a solution to sunless tanning mistakes. Freedom Tan Eraser, is a delicate blend of fruit acids formulated to liberate tanners of unwanted sunless tans, and provide some peace of mind.

With the hottest new product on the market, salons can expect strong enthusiasm, and tanners can expect professional tanning results from the comfort of their own home. Whether it’s Flavours professional tanning lotions, or new sunless sprays, you can be assured that tanner’s desires for beautiful brown tanning will be met and surpassed.

Disclaimer: North Texas Tanning Supplies is a Distributor of Flavours Products and not a part of Flavours Tanning Products.