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What is the process used for harvesting adult stem cells?

The process that is used for harvesting stem cells from an adult has been around for at least 10 years. The person is hooked up to a kind of dialysis machine that collects the stem cells. Then, when enough have been collected, they are injected into the problem area. Source: Photo Credit photo link […]

Conditions Cause Elevated IGM Levels?

Conditions that cause elevated IgM levels are all considered genetic, as they are in the genes and not something that someone can simply acquire, like HIV. IGM levels refer to a person’s sodium levels. The specific causes for changes in IgM levels include hormonal issues, drinking too much water, or drinking not enough water (results […]

Devil’s Ivy?

Devil’s Ivy is a commonly grown houseplant. To care for it, plant it with well-draining potting soil in a pot at least six inches deep. Keep the soil damp, but do not over-water it. Source: Photo Credit image link More info about this topic how to care for devil’s ivy? 1. Plant a plantlet […]

Congestive Heart Failure Life Expectancy?

The average life expectancy for someone diagnosed with congestive heart failure is up to one year after diagnosis. According to medical journals, 90% of those diagnosed will die sooner than one year. While medication may help with some of the symptoms of congestive heart failure, ultimately the heart is not able to pump blood like […]

Which Adjectives Describe Orange?

The top adjectives that describe an orange are sweet, tart, dimpled outside layer, firm but liquid inside, soft, and stringy. Oranges can be eaten off the tree or squeezed and drank as a common breakfast drink. Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic Which adjectives describe orange? Haha I was just thinking […]

Concussion in Children?

A concussion is an injury to your child’s brain. It is usually caused by a bump or blow to the head from a fall, a motor vehicle crash, or a sports injury. Sometimes being forcefully shaken may cause a concussion. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit image link More info about this topic what are […]

Definition of Wound Tunneling?

Wound tunneling is the extending of channels in a wound from where the main injury is to the surrounding muscles and skin. Wound tunneling reduces the wound’s rate of healing because the flesh is not able to keep up contact long enough so that the mending process can start. It can be caused by the […]

Definition of Ulnar Grasp?

Ulnar grasp is the early skill which is manipulatory in infants to grasp objects. It is a grasping method where fingers close clumsily against the palm. It is mostly practiced by growing and innovative children. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic What does ulnar grasp mean? TURKEYZ….more What’s the definition […]

Concentric Contraction?

Concentric contraction is a common form of muscle contractions. It happens in activities that are rhythmic. During rhythmic activities the fibers in the muscle shorten as tension develops. Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic what is a concentric contraction? For any movement to occur, whether involuntary such as your heart beating, […]

Definition of Physical Illness?

Physical illness refers to a disease that interferes with a specific bodily function in the form of movement, sensation, coordination, or speech. A severe physical illness is thought to affect relationships, work, spiritual beliefs and how we socialize with other people. It also includes mental impairments and disabilities. Source: Photo Credit link More info […]