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Difference between a Sheep Eye and a Human Eye?

There are several differences between a sheep eye and a human eye. Sheep eyes do not see in color but humans do. Sheep do however have better peripheral vision. Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic What are the differences between sheep eyes and human eyes? -. Sheep eyes have an oval […]

Difference between Anabolism and Catabolism?

Catabolic is when the metabolic process breaks down. Anabolic is when when the metabolic process builds up. This system alternates between the two, to form metabolism. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic What is the difference between anabolic and catabolic? anabolic is when your making complex molecules from simple ones […]

What Is the Difference Between Sunlight & Artificial Light for Plants?

The difference between sunlight and artificial light is its source. Sunlight comes from the sun. Artificial light is created in order to simulate sunlight. Artificial lights specifically created for plants will generate the same process of photosynthesis in plants that the sun does. Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic what […]

What Is a Possible Physical Consequence of Sexual Activity?

A lot of people wonder about the possible physical consequence of sexual activity. There are a few things that can happen during sex, but the most important factor in deciding what will happen or not is the use of protection during intimacy. Not using protection could result in pregnancy, contraction of an unwanted disease, or […]

Diastase Enzyme?

The source of the enzyme Diastase can be linked to the small intestine. Diastase enzyme is known for breaking down any form of starch. The enzyme can typically be found in milk and plants. Source: Photo Credit photo link More info about this topic Which is the source of the enzyme diastase? Diastase is […]

How to Become a Contract Firefighter?

To become a contract firefighter in Iraq, you will need to contact a company that hires this type of worker. One company that hires contract firefighters is Wackenhut Services, Inc. The contracts are for one year. Many that apply are looking to gain work experience in firefighting, particularly if their previous experience has been as […]

Did Albert Einstein Smoke Weed?

No, there is no credible evidence that shows that Albert Einstein smoked weed. There are health benefits to smoking marijuana when you are in extreme pain. Marijuana can ease chronic pain. It won’t get rid of the pain, yet, it can make it more manageable. In some states, doctors are able to prescribe marijuana to […]

How many muscles in the human neck?

There are five major muscles in the back of the neck. These muscles are called the trapezius, levator scapula, spenius, suboccipitals, and posterior cervical muscle. There is a diagram of the human neck muscles available on a website called Source: Photo Credit link More info about this topic How many muscles in the […]

Complications Ulnar Nerve Surgery?

Complications that occur after ulnar nerve surgery include, blood clot, infections, nerve damage.The wrist and hand movement is mostly controlled by the ulnar nerve. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic what are the complications after surgery on the ulnar nerve? According to the New York University Medical Center, […]

Complaints against Physicians?

Complaints against physicians can be filed with state medical boards. Most state boards have ethics and practice divisions and will review formal complaints and keep them as a matter of record. These complaints can become a part of a doctor’s online profile and can hamper the ability of the doctor to attract new patients. Complaints […]