Could I Have a Chest Infection I Have Been Coughing for 5 Days?

You could have an upper respiratory infection if you have been coughing for five days. You should visit a doctor to be sure. If you do have a respiratory infection, it may require antibiotics.

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Still coughing 5 days after starting antibiotics for chest infection, what should I do?

Hi LauraT, Sorry to hear that you are feeling ill. Do you have a fever with your cough now that you have been on antibiotics? If you do, I would head back to your Dr. If you don’t…more

My 4,5 months baby has been coughing for 2 days. What could it be?

Yep it could be the start of a cold. Is it a dry cough or chesty cough. If indeed your son sounds chesty and is not improving at all in a few days or vomits after each feed or refuses…more

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