Creative genius

I am a financially wealthy, creative producer of groundbreaking spiritual, healing, creative and imaginative Maori comic books which appeal to all ages and empower everyone who reads them. I do this with EASE! These comix are international bestsellers. I have a happy, trustworthy, and very capable personal assistant who deals with the tasks that I am not interested in. Every project I begin turns into an instant success! I am in excellent health, I provide for my family abundantly, and I live in an award winning home of my own design. I take loving care of myself which allows me to gratefully serve others who need my help.

Supporting Actions:

I have designed my dream home.
I will type or write one page a week at the least.
I meet new people all the time.
I take care of myself and enjoy helping others.
I love my family!

Background Information:

I am about to finish work and have planned my weeks ahead to allow time to commit to my creative projects, e.g. Writing, making music, painting and taking care of myself. I have been working on my inner self, letting go of false beliefs and re-claiming my power. I was abandoned at birth by my parents and this greatly affected how I experienced the world. I now choose to live in power, love, abundance, creativity and sharing. I wish to inspire others to be all that they can be by leading by example!

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