Difference between Calamine and Caladryl?

Both Calamine and Caladryl are lotions used to relief itchy skin. The differences between Calamine and Caladryl is that Calamine is pink in color. Calamine is made of zinc oxide and iron oxide. Caladryl is clear and is made of Calamine lotion and pramoxine HCI.


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What is the difference between calamine and caladryl?


what is the difference between calamine lotion & caladryl lotion?

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What is the difference between caladryl and calamine lotion?

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What is the difference between salt solution and calamine lotion?

lotion is applied without rubbing but liniment with rubbing. lotion is an aqeuous external liquid but liniment is non aqeuous. lotion is a suspension but liniment is an emulsion….more

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