Difference between Cocaine and Heroin?

There are many differences between heroin and cocaine. The main difference is that heroin is categorized as an opiate while cocaine is a stimulant. Another difference is that cocaine is extracted from cocoa plant leaves, and heroin is extracted from a poppy plant.


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What is the difference between heroin and cocaine?

Heroin is an opiate and coke is a stimulant. Huge difference. Opiates stem from poppy plants, while cocaine is from the coca plant. One goes down, one goes up. Try them at the same …more

What are the difference in effects between heroin and cocaine?

there are 2 differences between heroin and cocaine. 1: heroin is physically addicting and 2: heroin is a downer drug whereas cocaine is an upper drug and is not physically addicting…more

What is the difference between cocaine and heroin?

Heroin is made out of opium(poppy plants).Cocaine is made out of…more

What’s the difference between heroine and cocaine

Cocaine is a salt, with a crystalline structure. Heroin does not exhibit crystalline structure….more

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