Difference between Flexors and Extensors?

The difference between flexor and extensor muscles is their purpose. flexor muscle help bend areas such as limbs and joints. extensor muscle help extend limbs making them straight.



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What is the difference between flexor and extensor?

Extensor muscles help to straighten or extend the joint while flexors do the opposite, bending it….more

What is the difference between flexor and extensor muscles?

Flexor- a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton; a muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes. Extensor- opens a joint …more

what are the differences between flexors and extensors?

Flexors – the muscles invovled in flexion. Most common example is when you flex your arm to show how big your biceps are. You are contracting your BICEPS when you flex. Extensors …more

What are the flexor and extensor muscles?

It is on the bottom of an animals leg that helps it walk?…more

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