My Thoughts on the Peavy Ordeal

I’m not dead. Not yet, at least. Life has been extraordinarily busy and I’ve been really bad about writing (guess which work I’m not doing so I can do this post!), but I just wanted to express my thoughts and rant about the Peavy ‘trade’.

The whole ordeal has, more or less, been a fiasco. It appears to me that the Padres, Kevin Towers, their GM, in particular, have lost their mind. While the trade talks were still going, the deal likely would’ve been Peavy for Yunel Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez, possibly Blaine Boyer, and either Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton. Regardless if I believe that the Braves should find a way to get rid of Reyes by any means necessary, I don’t think this trade would’ve been such a great idea. Sure, the pitching for the Braves has been weak for the past couple of years (since they got rid of Leo Mazzone?), but that wasn’t their fundamental problem. Two or three years ago the Braves’ suckiness definitely could’ve been attributed to their bullpen, who blew something like 26-odd games, but that wasn’t the story last year. From what I remember, even though the pitching staff wasn’t the greatest, it was the truly inconsistent hitting that did them in. I recall a few games where they only managed a handful of hits. To get rid of Escobar, one of about three consistent hitters on the team, then, would be asinine.

Now, I know that the Braves are somewhat eager to get rid of Escobar, despite his solid year. It may have something to do with Bobby thinking he has an attitude problem, or not. I don’t know, but I do believe that the offense is still a problem. It’s essential to get one or two power hitters on this team, either in the outfield or at first base. There has been some talk of Renteria becoming a free agent and possibly rejoining the Braves. This would be great, because he was clutch when he was on the Braves and a fan-favorite, but it’s consistent with the idea of getting rid of Escobar. I propose that if the Braves somehow do land another shortstop, to Escobar move to second, so as to replace the defensive liability that is Kelly Johnson. My rational side is telling me, however, that come Opening Day, we’re going to see Johnson at second and Prado at shortstop. Such is life.

Going back to the Peavy trade, we saw the Braves being dragged along by the Padres while they contemplated other deals with the Cubs, Yankees, and whoever else (all of which have fallen through, by the way), which shows the unrealistic nature of a club that is trying to drastically cut its payroll and is facing some of its own problems. I never recall John Schuerholz dealing with this type of drama, but the way the Padres have been stringing Frank Wren along has been nothing short of disrespectful.

So while the trade talks have since ceased with Peavy and the Padres and the deal seems dead, this Braves fan hopes that they stay dead. Or, at the very least, the notion of even getting rid of Escobar disappears immediately.

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