The Frequency of take out Food in Todays Society

Fast food organization have had a huge effect on our lives, which are now becoming more and more apparent, from increasing obesity and other health related issues, to basic manners and patience, to the processed food we now demand over a natural, organic product.

the obesity crisis is now a world wide issue, which i think is linked directly to the introduction of fast food outlets, for example Japan, and Alaska, who both have cultures whom for centuries had some of the healthiest people in the world, with the longest lifespans. now the life span is shorter, and obesity, heart disease, and diabetes (to name a few) are on the rise in age brackets that reflect the introduction of fast food. coincidence?

When fast food outlets invented the drive thru, people no longer had to wait,and it becomes habit after a while, then necessity and now this is having an impact on today’s youth, who are the second and third generations raised on fast food. People (in general) have become less courteous, more selfish, less patient, more demanding, and a little aggressive at times, not to mention expect things now. This has spread into all other facets of life. this I believe was a driving force behind the speeding up of the world. people want things faster, and now and food was the first thing to do this. Other things have added to this, but fast food started it. Today everything is designed to be disposable, purchased brand new and replaced instead of repaired.

Food has started to change from pure and natural vegetables and more concerning meats and well, anything else you can name. At first it was adding preservatives, so it would keep longer, then it was adding other preservatives to stop food discoloring, and colors to give it back it’s natural look, then artificial flavors to replace the lost flavors of the previous steps. then binding agents are required to glue it all back together, so it looks like what it’s supposed to. Then as the demand for the product increases, so does the rate in which it is produced, which involves new processes, and more additives. Some establishments even use artificial smells.

So the moral to my story I guess is: it’s no longer about how long it takes to get a meal at the counter, it’s now about knowing where your food comes from, and What was done to it. Appreciate a well cooked meal, made from fresh ingredients and made from scratch. As a chef, I am appalled at some of the things people do to food, and have tried hard to avoid it. I have found the my patrons are so used to bland food that they don’t appreciate a good meal, or the wait, and i am being forced to conform. so be adventurous, and try something new, other than the quick and easy option, it may be a more important decision than you give it credit from.

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