Crack Your Lower Back?

You can crack you own back by using a door frame. You can lift one leg and rest it against the door frame. Move the lower body toward the door frame and repeat with the other side.



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How to Crack Your Lower Back?

The best way to crack, or adjust your lower back is by going to a chiropractor. You can also try lying on a hard surface and bringing your knee up to your stomach, then let your knee…more

how to crack a back?

There are many different ways to crack your back. One of those ways is called the "Stretch and Pop. I know, it’s kind of funny, huh? It consists of you putting both hands behind…more

Why does my Back Crack?

Your back makes a cracking sound as pressure from gases are released between the vertebrae. The gases build up in the synovial membranes….more

What Makes Your Back Crack?

Things that can make your back crack are moving and twisting. Your back has air pockets in the middle of the discs and when you move and bend a certain way they pop, that is what …more

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