How to use your tampons QnA

Wonder to know how to use a tampon in the right way for your first experience, here are tips for you:

Q: hi, what about health hazards pertaining to pads? which is the safest tampons or pads?

A: As far as I know menstrual pads & diapers are made of cotton/synthetic materials and go through a bleaching process. Some pads have chemical additives. I have never heard of anyone getting TSS from a pad, it seems to pose less of a risk because it doesn’t sit inside your body for hours. I have had several emails from women believing that they have gotten irritations and even endometriosis from using bleached pads. I don’t know exactly what effect using bleached pads made of synthetic materials has on our bodies. I would suggest that concerned women who choose to use pads buy ones made from 100% organic materials.

Q: It is very important to me that i keep my virginity. And i wanted to know that if i use tampons will i lose it?

A: No. Using a tampon has no effect on your virginity. The only way by society’s standards to “loose your virginity” is to have vaginal intercourse with a man. Here’s a site with more info:

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