New laser liposuction for remove double chin

New laser liposuction technology which usually focuses on and touches excess fat and firms skin has made it possible to eliminate a double chin without the recovery or possible scaring you realized with regular liposuction. The process is done with a tiny laser fiber which can be inserted under the chin skin and can be performed with local sedation using laser wavelengths that will exclusively focus on fat and loose skin area. A helpful apparel called a chin strap is used for 3-4 days following your procedure to keep the skin tight during recovery.

Double chin laser technology melts fat deposits beneath the chin in to a liquid which is then moved with little effort or risk to the patient. In contrast to standard liposuction, laser liposuction in addition tightens up skin because the fat is reducing. This skin area tightening draws skin back into a pleasant contour beneath the chin.

Why is it Different from Regular Liposuction?

In this surgery a small laser fiber is put underneath the skin and also the laser beam heats fat deposits and skin. This heat not merely dissolves fat deposits nevertheless the skin tightens responding to staying hot. Consequently compared with just after typical liposuction surgery, the skin is tightened and not left loose. Laser liposuction melts body fat in to a thin liquid which is simple to remove. Regular liposuction is more painful as bigger fat particles are pulled out by suction. It can also be ideal for laser body sculpting and liposuction.

The elimination process could be carried out in less than one hour. Reduction of the chin fats with this surgery is done with a local anesthetic and is also easily tolerated. A chin strap is put over the double chin area that has to be worn for two main or 72 hours. In case you are comfortable wearing it you are able to return to work. If you’ve got the treatment on Weekend you certainly will take the chin band away on Monday and return to labor.