Contractubex is a popular gel that has been found to remove scars from being visible. The gel must be used two to three times a day for at least three months to be effective. The gel can be used on almost any scar after the skin has healed. This includes scars formed from cuts, operations, burns, and laser treatments. The main ingredient in Contractubex is Extractum cepae, followed by Heparin and Allantoin. While the scar will not completely disappear, it will be barely visible after constant use for three to six months.


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How much is the cost of contractubex in mercury drug?

900+pesos for 20g , 500+pesos for 10g….more


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when to apply contractubex?

you can apply it as loong as the skin is intact (no bleeding) or when it turns pink. this lessen development of noticeable scar. Source(s): medical intern….more

where to buy contractubex in the us?

it looks like u’ll have 2 buy it online. Source(s): i looked on the internet 4 it….more

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