Coughing up Dark Green Phlegm?

Dark green phlegm when coughing is often the sign of acute pneumonia or a serious sinus infection. It does lean more toward a fungal or bacterial infection, which does require medical attention. It is the combination of dead white blood cells and mucus. An acute sinus infection also causes this as the nasal passages become inflamed and irritated. Medication is required as this will not go away on its own. Any time you have a cough that produces phlegm, you should increase your liquid intake.



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Why are you coughing up green phlegm?

sounds like an infection!…more

What can cause you to cough up dark-brown phlegm?

It could be from cigarette or marijuana smoking or, in a worse case scenario, it could be blood in the mucous. A doctor’s examination is warranted in either case….more

Why do you cough up light or dark yellow phlegm everyday?

First, smokers often have a morning cough which can be light brown to dusky brown. If this is the situation, stopping smoking is the only remedy. Second, if a person has a sinus infection…more

What does it mean when you cough up green phlegm?

It usually will mean you have a respiratory system infection (like bronchitis). Check your temperature so you can tell your health care professional if you have had any fever. They …more

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