Difference between Heatstroke Sunstroke?

Heatstroke and sunstroke are similar. Sunstroke is a type of heatstroke. Heatstroke happens when the body’s cooling system is overwhelmed. Sunstroke occurs when the body’s cooling system fails.




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what is the differences between heatstroke and sunstroke?

Sunstroke is a form of heatstroke. Sunstroke is. "Heat stroke caused by exposure to the sun and characterized by a rise in temperature, convulsions, and coma. Also called insolation…more

What is the difference between the symptoms of heatstroke and sunstroke?

Symptoms of sunstroke or headstroke include elevated body temperature; hot, dry skin; hyperventilation; mental confusion, eventual unconsciousness….more

What are the symptoms of sunstroke or heatstroke?

It’s hard to define sunstroke. For this discussion, let’s think of it as we would heatstroke. Heatstroke happens when the body can no longer maintain a temperature of …more

What foods can you eat with sunstroke/heatstroke?

If you feel well enough to eat, I would recommend things that will replace the minerals and fluids that you may have sweated out. For example, a banana has lots of potassium so that…more

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