How to Cure Cuts inside Your Lips?

There is no surefire cure for cuts on the inside of your lip. If it is a deep cut you may need to get stitches from a doctor. If it is not a deep cut, it will cure itself by healing.


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how to cure cuts inside your lips?

1. Keep your mouth clean. Bacteria can get into your cuts and cause an infection. Trapped food particles can also cause your cuts to worsen. The best way to keep your mouth clean …more

What is the treatment for a cut lip on the inside?

Salt water is the treatment of choice for mouth wounds. Rinse the area twice a day and if you see no improvement or if the area gets worse within 4 days of doing this, see your doctor…more

How do you treat a cut on the inside of the lip?

So long as it stops bleeding, you can just treat it the same as any sore: take some acetaminophen for pain (not aspirin or ibuprofen or naproxen because those all cause more bleeding…more

How do you heal a cut inside your bottom lip?

Put water on it….more

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