What Is C Reactive Protein?

C Reactive protein is a substance that is produced by the liver. The CRP often rises when there is constant inflammation throughout the body. The test associated with CRP measures the amount of protein that is in the blood.




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What is C Reactive Protein?

C reactive protein is a type of protein that is found in individuals that have systemic inflammation. Doctors may test your level to find out if you are at risk for a cardiovascular…more

how to understand your c reactive protein level?

1. Do you know your C reactive protein value? Although you may have blood work drawn at your doctor’s office on a regular basis to determine your cholesterol level, blood count, kidney…more

What is the purpose of the C reactive protein test?

The C reactive protein test is a blood test that identifies the presence of infections, and also may identify the risk of developing coronary artery disease….more

What is a C-reactive protein quantitative?

C-Reactive Protein, Quantitative C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein your liver produces as part of your immune system response to injury or infection. It’s also produced by muscle…more

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